Wooden 3d Puzzle

For a doer type of person, nothing is more thrilling than seeing the end result of something that you worked on, sometimes for several, hours, days or even years. Knowing how much effort went into drawing, building, assembling something and all for just those couple of seconds or minutes of joy still makes everything worth it.

Truck 1:40 Scale Model

A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and mosaic-ed pieces.


There are many ways to satisfy this need of building things. If you feel creative and have the tools and knowledge, building from scratch can be your thing. For those with limited access to tools and space, 3D Puzzles are probably one of the most accessible type of builds

Wooden 3D puzzles, to be more specific, have been around for some time now, probably for as long as the laser cutters/engravers have been.

Rolife 3D Puzzles

As I had the pleasure of receiving such a puzzle, as a gift for Christmas, I decided to make video of my build, this being my first interaction with such a marvelous puzzle. With some of the pieces having very intricate details, such a puzzle can definitely challenge your patience. Indeed, patience is the key, as the components are press fit and if you force them some will easily break. Luckily with some wood-glue you can fix your mistakes.

By Robert Rosu

I am a creative individual always searching for the latest and greatest. I love building things and traveling.

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