Autumn in Baile Olanesti

During this Autumn, we went to Baile Olanesti, not for the first time as I was born there, so we get to travel there quite often to see my parents. Indeed, lately we went for fewer walks around the city, so this Autumn we decided to go for a stroll around the city park and on the alley that leads to the so called "Izvoare de aur" springs.

Baile Olanesti is a balneoclimateric spa, located at 18km Northwest of Ramnicu Valcea

The city's history is related to the discovery of the springs. The mineral waters from Olanesti are mentioned for the first time in a 1760 charter and are named healing waters. These were found on Clucer Toma Olanescu's estate who builds the first bathing chambers. This is also the source of the city's name "Baile Olanesti".

In 1873, by the order of dr. Carol Davila, samples from the Baile Olanesti mineral waters were sent to the International Exhibition from Vienna, where it won the golden medal.

A short footage that summarizes the resorts charm.

The park was renovated recently, and I can say that yes it is much more welcoming, even though when we filmed the repairs were still ongoing. At the park entrance, you are welcomed by a fountain with an interesting watch.

Last but not least, on the alley that leads to the springs, we captured a fairy tale like scenery, with trees full of colorful leaves, a true Autumn sensation.

The biggest and most symbolic spring of Baile Olanesti resort, "Izvorul 24", has an architectural value due to the shape of its roof top, from the 70's, the path to this spring being a relaxing, car free, journey.

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