A "piece" of history in my home

'Born' in 1966, at Colibasi (today Mioveni), after an agreement between the Communist authorities and the French automaker Renault, Dacia is one of the success stories of a Romanian brand. We can call it a success story because the brand did not disappear together with the Communist Era it was born into.

Dacia 1100

Named after the land inhabited by the Dacians, Dacia, the Romanian car assembled under Renault license, evolved, going through several models until today. The production of the first Dacia, under Renault's R8 license, the Dacia 1100, began in 20th of August 1968.

It had a rear mounted 1108 cc engine with rear transmission, this inspiring its name of Dacia "1100".

Renault 8 Gordini - Motor - aufgenommen am 19, 08. 2018 in Diepholz

The following model, called Dacia 1300, was produced also under Renault license, R12 this time, in August 1969. It was a family vehicle with 4 doors for 5 people. The 1289 cc engine produced 54 hp. The Dacia 1300 was at the base of many of the models that followed.

Dacia, especially the 1300 model, is a representative piece of Romania's history. Although I wanted to own such a model to show my kids/grand-kids the vehicle I drove to get my driving license, the maintenance costs and storage space were a great hindrance.

Luck was on my side when, while searching online for a model I would gladly assemble, I ran into a movie that showcased a series of magazines. The magazines contained components of a 1:8 scale model of the Dacia 1300. Thus, after 120 magazines and countless parts assembled, I ended up owning a miniature copy of the famous Dacia 1300.

I shared my experience, of assembling this model, in a series of clips and eventually I ended up being one of the owners of a "piece" of history in their home.

By Robert Rosu

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