Our First Trip to Greece

After some research online for a destination in Greece, as yes we wanted to travel to Greece, we decided to go to Crete Island. It is our first visit to Greece and we heard a lot of things like how beautiful it is, especially the water, but you have to seem them for yourself. We didn't chose to [...]

Holiday city break - Saint Anne Lake

We've spent the Christmas holidays in Harghita County so in one of the days we decided to travel to Saint Anne Lake. It's the second time we've been there, the first time during a winter without any snow. The Saint Anne Lake is the only lake [...]

Autumn in Baile Olanesti

During this Autumn, we went to Baile Olanesti, not for the first time as I was born there, so we get to travel there quite often to see my parents. Indeed, lately we went for fewer walks around the city, so this Autumn we decided to go for a stroll around the city park and on the alley that leads to [...]